IE Alumni – Brad Krauskopf

• What inspired you to create your own co-working space?

When I was studying in Madrid I came across a group that started Hub Madrid, co working was emerging after the GFC and the world needed a new and fresh way of doing work. By the time I finished the MBA at IE, I was planning to go to Australia to start the HUB in Australia!

• What’s the hardest part of starting your own company?

Building the team, finding and keeping the right people. Shaping the right culture is definitely a challenge, especially across such a large country such as Australia, the distance is making it even more challenging.

• What’s unique about the “new look” for the HUB?

Our customer are growing their businesses, as opposed to freelances and start-ups, we host companies that our in a growing phase and we help them grow. The needs of our members were changing; their expectations of the level of professionalism in our co-working spaces were changing as well. We invested in a hospitality arm- onsite cafés as part of the business, we operate it in house, that is an extra service that our customers value a lot. The Hub is becoming a more beautiful workspace, where our customers love to bring in their staff and their customers.

• How has working in different countries shaped you?

I lived Spain and in the US, and travel has always been a big part of what I do. This has surely influenced the things I do today.

• How do you see the future of the work environment?

I see it as co-working becoming a big part of work culture in general… work becomes full of different options….the volumes of compelling work options is going to become a lot more diverse. When companies go to the effort of bringing people together they want to foster interaction and collaboration, so co working is becoming more and more important for all types of businesses

• What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

You got to keep on trying, amount of perseverance has to be huge, it is going to be what you expect multiplied by 100.

• What are your future aspirations?

To build a national business community in Australia, Perth and Camberra are on the agenda for the future. We also have more spaces in Sydney and Melbourne coming up and we want to grow the amount of different services to help our customers grow their businesses!

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