Seven podcasts to make your commute bearable

Did you know that we spend around 3.5 years of our life commuting? It seems like a complete waste of time but what if we invested those precious minutes every day doing something else? Podcasts are the answer! Podcasts are accessible and powerful learning tools that allow you boost your productivity while multitasking.
We’ve put together some very interesting podcasts to spice up your journey.

The Tim Ferris Show – More often than not ranked number one on iTunes for business podcasts, Tim Ferris deconstructs and analyses the people at the top of their game from eclectic walks of life, from investors to business owners artists and athletes, Tim Ferris gets them all. He reviews tools and tactics used by his guests to gain a larger understanding of their success. With over 70 million downloads Tim Ferris can guarantee extremely raw and open interviews with past guests like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Edward Norton, Tony Robbins, and Maria Popova.

The Infinite Monkey Cage – Hosted by musician turned physicist Brian Cox and English comedian and actor Robin Ince, the pair take a witty outlook on the world through the eyes of science. Through manageable bitesize podcasts the pair are able to charismatically explore some of the most complex theories in the universe whilst making it interesting and understandable to the layman.

Reply all – Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman this podcast is top of the technology charts on iTunes and it explores the wonders of the internet. Featuring two charming and at times silly hosts who aim to engage even the most un-techie of us with stories about how people shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people whilst being laugh out loud funny and deeply engrossing.

Song Exploder – A podcasts for the musicians featuring a wide range of styles and incredible talent. Song exploder, produced and edited by host and creator Hrishikesh Hirway, features musicians dissecting their own songs. From the origins of “that” iconic riff or the technicality of the most intricate melodies, song exploder breaks it all down. Hrishikesh removes his side of the conversation in edit, leaving a condensed and tightly formed 20 minute one-sided discussion of artists explaining how their song came to life. Artists that have appeared on the podcast include U2, Metallica, Solange, and over a hundred more.

The Joe Rogan Experience – Hosted for over 1000 episodes, the multitalented and highly intelligent Joe Rogan is the godfather of the podcasting game. The stand-up comic, UFC commentator and TV personality sits down usually two or three times a week with a guests from every walk of life, from mixed martial art champions to astrophysicists, from political commentators to his group of stand-up buddies Joe Rogan covers all bases. His interviews are incredibly in-depth yet relaxed at the same time and Rogan’s intelligence shines through regardless of the topic. Lasting for up to 4 hours Joe Rogan will make your commute enjoyable leaving you giggling on the bus or stunned into silence on the train. Notable guests include Neil Degrasse Tyson, Lance Armstrong, Jordan Peterson and Joey Diaz.

Hardcore History – Hosted by Dan Carlin, Hardcore History is one for the history buffs. The long form podcast will last you longer than the standard commute but promises to provide incredible insight into the most fascinating periods of history. Carlin, more often than not, will seamlessly link the tales of the past and the lessons they provide to modern day events and the issues humanity may face in the future.

Ctrl Alt Delete – This tech focused interview show is hosted by Emma Gannon and features weekly guests who, more often than not, are young creative and entrepreneurial women such as Lauren Laverne, Giovanna Fletcher and Emily Reynolds. Topics of conversation range from work, feminism and the guests relationship with the internet. Making it on to Esquire’s “best podcasts of 2017” list, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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