Should we join the 4th Industrial Revolution?

The city with the world’s largest vertical garden, energy efficiency leader, economic competitiveness, that has been enlightened with the fire rainbow and is seeking to implement distributed ledger technology, it is being added to the 4th Industrial Revolution. And it could not be otherwise, this year’s IE Alumni Weekend will be held in Singapore, a global symbol of growth and innovation.

The meeting, which will take place from March 31 to April 2, celebrates the Creative Age, known as the 4th Industrial Revolution. Technology, innovation, disruptive ideas and a multicultural environment are the premises upon which this 3-day session has been organized.

Lane Becker, the author of “Get Lucky: How to Put Planned Serendipity to Work” (A New York Times bestseller), will be the keynote speaker and the person responsible of bringing all the audience hand in hand on the way of automatic learning, augmented reality, robotics and how society and companies are affected by them.

It will be three days in the so-called “Pearl of Asia”, one of the most prosperous cities in Asia, which attracts more global talent and whose main focus is to become the first intelligent country in the world. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “people will visit Singapore and they will say,’I have seen the future and it works.'”

The event starts on March 31 with the visit of different companies and with a private welcome cocktail. Then, in addition to the conferences of the 23 speakers, a Forum of Investors and Entrepreneurs and two workshops were organized: a Design Innovation course and an Update of the Manager Training Tool.

As an opening we will let some of the speakers share their experience at IE Alumni Weekend Singapore…

Lane Becker
Is Strategist at 18F (A division of the US Gov)

Lane Becker

Melody Chen
Is Southeast Asia – Manager of Recruiting at McKinsey

Melody Chen

Dan Bulucea
Is Director of Marketing Solutions for APAC at Google

Dan Bulucea

Francoise-Xavier Rousselot
Is (IMBA 2008) Consultant and Professor of Machine Learning & Data Innovation at IE Business School

Francois-Xavier Rousselot

The eyes of the world are set in Asia and its growth, Singapore is an example of this and IE Alumni Weekend will be there to enjoy and be part of it.

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IE Alumni Weekend Singapore
Photo: Sylvain Pouilly
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