The importance of personal fulfillment

How many times have we heard about the importance of personal fulfillment? Or that it’s something trivial that’s only for other people?

Personal fulfillment is something essential for each one of us. It is not about being the best in every aspect in our lives, but being the best version of ourselves. In this post we will provide some tips to become this best version:

There are two elements that we need to considers: self-knowledge, or realizing what we like and dislike and what we excel in; and being conscious about ourselves, focusing on the areas of our lives that we would like to improve.

In order to succeed, we can follow these simple tips:

Initial failure: It’s fundamental in order to feel success afterwards, because if we are learning to do something, it’s normal to make mistakes at the beginning, and we will feel demotivated. It is vital to get back up, learn from our mistakes and feel proud of ourselves for having gotten that far.

Practice and effort: This process consists of learning from our mistakes and being conscious that little by little we are improving our skills.

Enjoy: This is the best part, because we can appreciate our progress and we can happily see how we are reaching our final goal .

Positive emotions: We will feel fulfilled and proud thanks to our progress. It is also important not only to focus on the aspects that we haven’t achieved yet, it’s acceptable to give ourselves little treats and breaks, which will make us smile and feel motivated. Simple things like spending time with our family or friends or going for a walk in the park will do the trick. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Learning to see life in a positive way: It seems easy to say and it’s very difficult to accomplish, but it is fundamental in order to achieve a happier life and not being defeated by the first problem that rings our door. It is true that a positive attitude will not give us the answer to our problem, but it will help us face it better.

We resume all these steps in this image:

To sum it all up: If we are grateful and think in a more positive way, spend more time with our loved ones and face our goals in a realistic way, our brain will start to learn how to be happier. So, for being happy, we totally agree with the sentence “the choice of actions and decisions requires skill and wisdom, not just self-interest or just group interest”, from the book The way to happiness, written by L. Ron Hubbard.

What do you think about personal fulfillment? Is it important for you? How do you achieve your goals? We would love to read your answers in the comments!

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