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At first sight, Madrid is not a particularly green city, this is not how people who haven’t been there imagine it. However, if you look closely you will find charming parks that will leave you astounded. That is the idea of this blogpost, to show you the green areas of the city that you can’t miss.

We start with the most famous park: El Retiro. It is a classic that seems to impress all of its visitors because it is full of history and entertainment. It is located in the center of Madrid and is, possibly, the most photographed part of the city. I don’t think there is anyone who comes to visit and doesn’t pass by El Retiro.

Nevertheless, Madrid has many more parks, the only thing is that these are less famous and they are far from the city center, which is why they are less visited less; this is part of their charm.

First, El Capricho which is a garden rather than a park. In fact, it can only be visited during weekends, and it is, above all, a place to reflect and take photos. It was the private garden of Duques de Osuna, it has beautiful 19th century buildings, a lake and even a labyrinth. It doesn’t have sports areas or parks for children, and you can’t eat inside or have picnics. There’s nowhere else like this in Madrid, so it is definitely worth visiting.

Very close to El Capricho, but with a totally different style, is the Juan Carlos I park. This is a modern park where you can practice sports and have a picnic. It is so big that you will never see it full of people. It has an outdoor auditorium, a lake and many sculptures, it also has a cycle route and a mini-train. Bikes can be rented for free, which is one of the biggest attractions because of the size of the park. Fun fact: you can fish in the lake!

The last park I want to talk about is called Madrid Rio. It is located next to the Manzanares river and it is part of a cultural and sports complex that includes El Matadero and La Caja Mágica. It has sports areas and a skating zone. One of the best things about the park are the views of the entire park that you can see from its bridges. Pro Tip: It’s a great place to take photos of the sunset!

So, here you have it, Madrid is green after all. Which park catches your eye? Would you go out of the city center to explore different things?

Nadia Pérez Rojas
Economist and MIM 2009. I love writing about Madrid and creating routes in this wonderful city. I share my favorite spots in my blog Nadia Loves Madrid and in Spotted by Locals.

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