#AlumniCreators: How to improve the industrial products or processes

It is important to prepare for the problems that can occur with industrial products or processes because these incidents could force a factory to stop its production. Normally, the engineers and maintenance people are the ones who will try to solve the incident as soon as possible, using the resources that they have at that moment.

If they cannot find the right solution, then they will contact engineering companies who specialize in different applications, such as processes, operations, logistics, etc. The engineering services focus on optimizing the process with satisfactory results.

We can describe the steps in the process industry in engineering applications as:

1. Analysis of the current industrial product or process, using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software tools.

2. Detection of potential or current problems; sometimes they can be defined by the clients. These problems include mechanical, fluid, heat transfer, structural, machinery interacting with bulk products, etc.

3. If there are multiple solutions, the optimization process should choose one or several aspects and then make the improvement analysis.

4. After making the changes to the design, view the results.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, with another improvement analysis.

6. Visually present the different solutions analyzed to the client, so that the client can choose the best one depending on costs, efficiency, time criteria, etc.

The sectors and products on which these studies can be done are numerous: energy, automotive, naval, aeronautics, pharmacy, mining, food and beverages, turbomachinery, civil engineering, water treatment, etc. There are some important benefits of the engineering services:

– The elimination of the need for prototypes, which can result in big savings in certain cases.

– The technical reports of the projects make it possible to have a deep understanding of what happens in the industrial process.

– The improvement in design results in the increase of both, the efficiency of the industrial process and the quality of the products.

– The images and videos obtained during the optimization process become marketing tools, that make it possible to easily share the information among colleagues or with clients.

– The computational tools make it possible to make parametric changes and innovations, therefore conclusions can be drawn in a short period of time.

ANALISIS-DSC is a company founded in 2002, by two IMBA 2002 alumni, Laura Torres, who runs the Sales Department, and her husband Juan Enríquez Paraled, who is the Comercial Director of the Company. They started its activity as CAE software distributor, and as the time went by it has become an engineering/consultancy company, using those softwares. They have broadened their services provided and obtained national and international grants to develop national and European projects.

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