EPIC 2017: 16 leaders who are IE alumni and change the future of society today

On July 22, IE Global Alumni Relations held the second edition of its EPIC Awards (Extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community) as part of the Global Alumni Weekend. IE stands out for putting together thousands of inspiring stories among their alumni which is precisely the main goal of these Awards: to bring those stories into the light and show them as an example for all members of the IE community.

Though the 16 stories included in this edition came from all over the world, there are connecting dots among this year’s finalists. Please, join us to introduce you these leaders and entrepreneurs, whom are also part of our IE Alumni community.


Young and ambitious minds

1.- Bhuvan Rustagi (IMBA 2013): Not only is he the co-founder of Lendbox in India, he was also included in Forbes’ list of the 30 personalities in Asia under 30 in the financial sector.

2.- Maximilian Haschke (MIM 2015): Football fans have much to thank this German for, who currently plays a prominent role in the global expansion of Atletico Madrid. In particular, Maximilian has been responsible for the international strategy and sponsorship of the club.

3.- Susana Restrepo (Degree in Communication 2014): “Working in a place that has a massive impact on society is incredibly rewarding”, comments this 24-year-old Colombian who is, currently, Partner Manager on YouTube.


4.- Philipp A. Pausder (IMBA 2007): Can skilled craftsmanship and digitization work together? It was Philipp’s bet as he founded Thermondo in 2012, one of Germany’s giant companies in the installation and commercialization of heating systems.

5.- Meinrad Spenger (MIDE 2000): Originally from Austria, he founded MásMóvil, the fourth telephone operator in Spain, while doing academic life in IE.

6 and 7.- Natalie Cartwright and Jake Tyler (IMBA 2014): A Canadian and a British met while doing their MBA in IE and teamed up to form Finn.ai, a startup focused on becoming a personal financial assistant which operates in different banks on four continents.

Business impact

8.- José Muñoz (EMBA 1997): Currently Head of Operations of Nissan Motor Corporation and President of Nissan North America. “The best long-term strategy is the daily performance,” he says.

9.- Hassan El-Shabrawishi (IMBA 2010): “I am kind of an entrepreneur, but with the support of a company behind me”, affirms this Egyptian who, from Paris, is currently Group Chief Innovation Officer of AXA.

10.- Cristina Bondolowski (MBA 1989): This Spaniard is the Global Marketing VP for Developed Markets of one of the most recognized and valued brands of the planet: Coca_Cola. “What is my philosophy on success? The most important thing is to have very clear ideas and to do things instead of worrying about them,” she says.

Women inspiring women

11.- Linda Kasonde (LMP 2012): She is the first woman to preside over the Association of Jurists of Zambia, Africa, which promotes respect and regulates the profession of lawyers and the rule of law.

12.- Lynn Tabbara (IMBA 2005): “These women develop life skills that make them agents of change and leaders in their respective families and communities,” she says. With this idea in mind, she organizes TEDxCoventGardenWomen, an event that addresses issues of gender and identity. In addition, she is the co-founder of “Intaliqi, an NGO dedicated to empowering Lebanese women.

13.- Estrella Jaramillo (MCC 2013): Young Spanish businesswoman who is launching Bwom, an application focused on education for women’s health, helping to prevent illnesses and to create healthy habits for women.

Human success

14.- Zaid Souqi (IMBA 2015): “I left my job and my comfort zone and now I am trying to reach the perfect equation that allows me to pay back to certain communities and, at the same time, to live of it,” says the young Jordanian. He is the creator of The Orenda Tribe, a brand of children’s clothing that impacts vulnerable communities of Syrian refugees.

15.- Vitaliy Dubil (EMBA 2016): This Ukrainian uses his leadership to help improve the critical situation of his country. He recently founded Supporting Hospitals in Ukraine under the idea that, under such conditions, “there is no greater motivation that will push you to spend most of your free time working to help people in need.”

16.- Jamie Van Horne (MIR 2011): Through Camber Collective, this American works to increase the social investment of NGOs under this point of view: “in the same way that would help a company to improve its profit margin, we help our clients increase the lives they save”.

Maximilian Haschke, Natalie Cartwright & Jake Tyler, Cristina Bondolowski, Linda Kasonde, and Vitaliy Dubil have been chosen as the winners of their categories. All 16 represent the values of the IE brand, and stand out by making an impact all over the world, we are proud of you all. Never stop being as epic! To read more of each of the stories, visit our EPIC webpage and get inspired by their experiences.

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