Did you know… what you don’t know yet about IE

You take an active role as part of the IE community, you are on top of all the news and events, you keep in contact with colleagues and you are interested in the projects that are developed in the IE classrooms. But do you know how many alumni there are around the world? Or did you know that if you are an alumni you can hire, publish jobs and have access to our full pool of talents? Did you know that the IE Foundation Humanities Awards recognizes every year the best written and audiovisual work made by students and alumni of IE?

No, this is not a trivia test, nor do we want you to respond in record time or perfectly to any of these questions. This is just our new “Did you know …” campaign, a new line of communication that we have developed from Global Alumni Relations to bring our community, and everyone related to it, closer.

The main goal has been clear: defining a fast, concise, accessible and very visual way to communicate ideas, projects, data, corporate information and services. To convey this, what’s better than facts, images, phrases and links in our social media networks?

We are an active institution that moves, travels and keeps in contact with alumni, companies, influencers, and organizations that contribute to our ecosystem. We are a team that besides being at the forefront of education, are also interested in the concerns of our community whom, in one way or another, have passed through our classrooms. This is why we want to keep educating you, this time about what is happening inside IE.

Starting next June, the “Did you know …” campaign (with its #IEToday hashtag) will share corporate information, news and everything related to forums, programs and events, such as the IE Global Alumni Weekend. As mentioned, we want to strengthen the bond, because for us, our relationship does not finish after the end of the course. We want you to join us in our journey, to share our communications, and to participate with ideas, so that you feel closer and closer to your IE community.


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