A 4th generation experience

A month has passed since we celebrated our 6th edition of the IE Alumni Weekend, this time in Singapore, and we are proud to say the expectations about the event were met. Three days of motivating experiences, high level conferences and enriching meetings, with speakers and alumni in a unique environment: the old Singapore Parliament House, an unequivocal symbol of history and evolution.

Anxious for the day, we started the weekend drawing the roadmap IE has traveled through the years. A presentation showed the growth and advances experienced by the institution, showcasing these are nothing more than a response to IE’s commitment towards constant evolution.

Lane Becker, our keynote speaker, captivated the audience with humor and great content. With the 4th industrial revolution as a leitmotif, Lane reflects on how technology is changing at an astonishingly fast rate, yet the change in human behavior and habits goes at another pace. The question the is, how do you predict the technologies of the future? “We cannot predict, but we do know where to innovate, if we understand the concept of innovation, and try to delve into the knowledge of people’s behaviors and needs,” says Lane.

Given that the agenda was already focused on the importance of technology and the need to incorporate it into our day to day, the next conferences followed the same thread. The next speakers guided their discussion around innovation, advances in robotics, challenges to face and what is the real impact of the 4th industrial revolution.

The morning ends with the presentation of the Singapore government, who focused on the importance of data analysis (Big Data) in the efficient management of resources. An interesting vision of the public sector on the implementation of a Smart City. They have it clear and there is no doubt that Singapore is taking the right steps towards the goal they have proposed: to be more than a “Smart City”, to be a “Smart Nation“.

But our goal was not a unidirectional discussion, and although we wanted to give space to the speakers, the participation of our alumni was also important. Hence, we aimed to create a space where all participants could share experiences, stories and projects.

With this in mind, the afternoon session began with Su-Yen Wong, who presented statistics on the top skills to be developed in order to confront the 4th industrial revolution: flexibility and analysis. The rapid evolution of technology requires adaptation to change, and analysis and interpretation of data to manage this change efficiently.

The discussion about the evolution of professional skills gave way to the panel on “The future of work in the 4th industrial revolution“, in which Amber Wigmore and moderator Dr. Jane Horan showed a broad vision about recruitment trends in the technology industry.

The weekend ended with two workshops: Design your Life and A Coaching Tool for Managers: Awaking Your Team. The first one, imparted by Ingo Rauth, worked over practical tools that help design a route on the changes that you want to do in your personal and professional life. The second one, directed by Carlos Pallero, showcased that inspiration and motivation were key in the design of the strategy to improve communicational skills. This last workshop emphasized the importance of learning and unlearning habits, which is vital in today’s changing environment.

After all, we can only be satisfied and motivated with this edition of the IE Alumni Weekend in Singapore, where talented speakers brought their knowledge to the table and shared their experience around avid attendees. We can’t wait for the next edition of the IE Alumni Weekend, which will be held in Los Angeles in October, following the topic of The Good Life. See you there!

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