Miguel Angel García: I appreciate all the failures because thanks to them is how you learn best

From Granada, graduated from Administration and Business Management, IE student, investor and a convinced person that his path as an entrepreneur must necessarily walk the road of what he is passionate about. He knows the work environment from both sides of the coin: employee and employer; so he values the work from all its perspectives.

Born Entrepreneur, with 9 years of experience as Telepizza and Adidas Commercial Manager, Miguel Angel García decides to dive into the water and spend his time and knowledge to work on his own.

The opportunity was on the table and without hesitation Miguel Angel assures that “I noticed a growing market full of potential in the digital business; there is an increasing awareness of the power of having a presence on the web; a first digital impression is crucial. This is a market that I like, that I am passionate about and that is why I decided to turn an idea into a business. This way, a job is no longer work”.

Under this premise 8Web is born, a 100% spanish development and design agency website, which offers the creation of webpages and online stores, free of charge and without annual permanence. García says that “we are pioneers in this business model and although there are a few who copy us, we were the first to offer a free service, with delivery in a week and the only fee you are charged off is the maintenance fee”.

No excuses

While it is true that the current environment in Spain does not promote strong policies to support entrepreneurship, there are no excuses when you want to realize an idea. Miguel Angel has made it clear “the one who wants to start something does not leave to its circumstances the conditioning whether it does or not; Is in oneself, independently of the country”.

However, making it possible does not mean it is easy. It is a career in the background and opening the company is just the beginning. We must consolidate, stay visible and grow; especially if it is a digital business where there are fewer barriers to get in and where the competition goes from being local to being global. That is one of the biggest challenges of Garcia and 8Web for the year just beginning.

His bet is clear and it aims to grow, attract new customers and maintain a solid strategy to strengthen the brand and make it more visible. What Miguel Angel considers more difficult is “to become known in the market, that is why this year we will focus on investing in marketing to increase our presence; While we want to increase our staffing and offer more services”.

This is the year in which 8Web wants consolidation to serve a market of startups, small and medium enterprises that want to have an online presence. For Garcia “the demand is growing and we must grow to satisfy it with an innovative and quality service”.

Entrepreneurship is a background race that Miguel Angel García has decided to run with clear ideas, mental strength to have control over decisions and to understand failures and mistakes as an important part of learning.


After 9 years working for others and with the firm goal of having more control over his decisions, he assumes the risk to be a self-starter. So first hand and without any filter, this young entrepreneur shares his experience.

IDEAS. Challenges that you have faced
MAG. In order to be a self-starter, you must have a very high mental strength. Your environment may not suit your projects and this implies having very clear ideas from the beginning. Managing the emotional aspect may be the hardest part and therefore the biggest challenge.

IDEAS. Any failure, mistake?
MAG. Many. And I am thankful to them, since they are how best you learn, by making mistakes.

IDEAS. In which sector would you not venture to get into?
MAG. Something I’m not passionate about.

IDEAS. There are business environments and / or societies that understand negatively the failure and there are those who assume it as learning and opportunity. As someone who is inside that environment. What do you think?
MAG. Every successful entrepreneur have made mistakes which make them learn to improve. At this point I emphasize again the mental aspect. As an entrepreneur you must have very clear ideas, and therefore failures are always a way to learn.

IDEAS. Were you born or did you become an entrepreneur along the way?
MAG. It has been in my interior since ever.

IDEAS. They say that once you start you can not get out of that way anymore.
MAG. I agree. Once you meet your inner need and you are fulfilled and happy with yourself it is difficult to return to work for others.

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