Finding a job in 5 steps: Mind the Gap (II)

Mind the gap is the second of the 5 steps to find a job. In my previous post I wrote about the first step “Define your dream job”. To find a job it is very important to cover the distance between my current job and that dream job you defined in the previous step.

At this moment it is necessary to conduct an exercise of self-knowledge, awareness and most of all humility. I will give you an example, you know that you are perfectly capable of managing a team, but how do you prove it? Because we can’t forget that you have to convince that person sitting on the other side of the desk.

Consider this following questions:

1.- Does your desired job follow the same path of your career until now?

2.- How well what you have done until now serves you in your new job?

3.- How can I show that I am prepared?

4.- Who can support me in these statements?

I’ll show you my own example: in my first stage as an IT consultant I spent 4 years exclusively dedicated to technology-based projects. When I wanted to make the leap to business consulting, I always had the same issue. My experience. The job market only offered me what I already knew and did not give me the opportunity to make the leap that I wanted. Fortunately that is changing and there’s more people looking for skills instead of experience.

In my case, there was a very clear empty space between where I wanted to go and where I was standing at that moment. So I had to find a way to bridge the gap between both places. That’s how I made the IE Business School MBA, which allowed me to cover this lack of experience and jump into the job I wanted.

It is not easy or a short way. You must value if you really want it and if you are willing to do what you have to do to get it. And if, for whatever reason, the answer is no, reconsider your position. It is an important decision, and it’s always your responsibility.

So, my advice for you is the next one, make a list about the Future facing the Present. You already have the Future. Now, it is about you writing next to each item what part of your current situation meet the requirement and if there is nothing that fits, leave the blank space. Those are the ones that you will have to cover. Oh, and be aware of the timing. If you want something right now, maybe you can consider a middle change before giving the big jump.

Carlos Gil Escartin

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