Executive 2012 MBA alumni celebrate 4 years of graduation

On last September, our group wanted to gather to celebrate the friendship we started four years ago. Our goal was to look back when we first met on our Executive MBA Business School classes that started on September 2011.

During these 4 years that have passed we experienced many changes, there’s been births, marriages, country relocations, movings, professional developments, changes on business and jobs.

This deserved a reunion and that’s why we decided to get together during a saturday morning at the same building, same classroom, even the same pinchos de tortilla, just like we used to do when we studied 4 years ago.

It was a special evening, early morning we played a video with memories of our MBA time; then, we attended a master class about Environmental Economics given by Professor Rafael Pampillón, selected as the best professor in our year.

Executive 2012 MBA alumni

There is no doubt that it was an emotional and enriching reunion, attended by: Alberto Terol, Alejandro Bellerin, Alejandro Molinero, Andrés Hernando, Daniel Garcia, Daniel Lorrio, Graciela Rosello, Jordi Laguarda, Jose Carlos Fernandez, Juan Izquierdo, Luis Fiestas, Mercedes Perea, Sergio Diaz and Victor Cavassa.

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