The elections are like a job interview

Javier Galué

Political Consultant. Executive Master in Corporate Communications 2015

We citizens are realizing that politics affects us more and more. As a consultant, I observe how political decisions are based on variables that depend to a large degree on political marketing and communications: democracy is subject to the same conditions as the market.

It is worrisome that we don’t choose the best candidate but the one who sells himself best, that we don’t select the one who is the best manager but the one who speaks and communicates best, that we value form over content, that when we vote we are moved by variables that do not guarantee that we are choosing the best representatives, leaders and managers of our society.

Democracy turns citizens into a big human resources department where we select the people who are going to be the employees and managers of the large company that is our country. When a company selects personnel, it uses filters, variables, tests and methodologies for each position to be filled. The idea is to guarantee that the people who are selected will be the best for each job, not only because of their experience but also based on their leadership, initiative, teamwork, empathy, managing change, achievements, vision, etc.

The selection of employees is based on what will be demanded of them as they carry out their functions and on what most suits the company. But when it comes to choosing who will lead us –the elections– it seems that we don’t base our selection standards on what we will then demand of these “employees.” We want to have the best managers and leaders, but we usually base our decision on other variables that are much more emotional.

To select politicians on the basis of criteria that are very different from what we will then demand of them can be a big problem. It’s not a question of going with “technocratic” governments, but of leaving democracy to depend more and more on variables in communication and marketing. We can choose the candidate with the best communications team, the one with the highest campaign budget, the one who enjoys the most support of the news media, the one who’s most clever in using social networks, the one who best exploits Big Data… But that candidate is not necessarily the best manager or leader or the one that society needs.

It’s a dilemma we’ll try and resolve among all of us during the webinar on June 23 at 16:00 hours in Madrid.  Sign up now. Event will be held in Spanish.

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