Lucas Vidal: “I’m working to fulfill my dream”

The soundtrack of his life is made up of work, effort and sacrifice. It’s a melody that underlines the story of a young men who knew at an early age what his dream was and who hasn’t stopped until realizing it., and the more recent Spanish production Palmeras en la nieve. Last December 11th we had the privilege of hearing him speak at the final event of the IE Global Alumni Relations for 2015.

He is one of the youngest composers of a Hollywood movie score, which is why many people consider him a child prodigy. But Lucas doesn’t see himself that way: he describes himself “a normal guy” who always knew what he wanted and who loves his work. His energy –even when suffering from jet lag– his excitement and his marked sense of humor express that wish to set the world on fire. This has led him, in spite of his youth, to create the soundtracks for 15 films, most of them American.

His love for music began when he was just a kid and began playing the piano. His parents took him to classical music concerts. At the time, his grandfather was the founder and chief executive of the Spanish record company Hispavox. Lucas grew up among musical scores, instruments and melodies.

When he was older he studied Law, but he knew at heart that this wasn’t his calling. His chance came when he got a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, where he discovered film music. “It changed my life. It was something I liked so much that in all my classes I was sitting in the first row, even though I had always been a very bad student.”

His studies were interrupted when he was diagnosed with cancer. After recovering in Madrid, he returned to Berklee stronger than ever, intent on revolutionizing the college with Steve Dzialowski, who was then a student and is now his business partner. “I met Steve and he told me he wanted to work with me because I had talent and a lot of cheek,” Lucas says now, laughing. So they wrote the music for several short films to be played by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and organized a concert with 150 musicians at Symphony Hall that was attended by the Spanish consul, the mayor…

After graduation Lucas moved to New York to study music at the Juilliard School. Having done so well at Berklee, Juilliard helped get him his first film work and make the jump to Los Angeles. There he and Steve set up Music & Motion Productions, to which they added Chroma, to produce the music for trailers.


What’s the secret of this meteoric career? Lucas doesn’t hesitate: “effort.” He says living in Los Angeles doesn’t mean going to parties. He gets up early every day and goes to the studio to work with his team. He often eats in front of the computer, and the hours race by between scores and film scripts. He admits he’s a workaholic and incapable of taking a long vacation. But he’s happy because he’s doing what he likes: “I’m working to live out my dream,” he says.

Moved by this passion, Lucas never stops. His mind is full of soundtracks for movies and trailers but also for ballets and electronic music. He won’t reveal details, but he knows he wants to continue to grow in the world of music and learn from the best musicians.

Ever since he was a child, Lucas has been a dreamer. He imagined himself on a stage directing a large orchestra that played the melodies he had composed. Today he’s living that dream. His story is an example of outdoing oneself, and shows that, with passion and effort, dreams can end up becoming reality.

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