The redesigned IMBA program

We have given your International MBA Program a significant overhaul! Starting with the April 2015 intake, all candidates will experience the new IMBA. We have kept what we felt were strong elements and we have added innovative new features as true differentiators. Most importantly, the entire redesign process was driven to a large extent by YOU, our valued IMBA Alumni. We reached out to many of you and gathered important feedback from multiple past intakes and current students. We also did a lot of benchmarking with other schools, consulted faculty, recruiters, and other experts within the b-school scene. Here are some selected highlights for you:

START DATES: First of all, we wanted to align the start dates of the program with the general recruitment cycle. Going forward (as of September 2015), there will always be a September to July cycle and a January to December cycle, thus fitting the IMBA clearly into one year.

CURRICULUM: The core period of the IMBA will be streamlined in order to include a new five-week module, which we call the Lab Period. It will be placed in between the core period and the electives, thus enhancing your ability to customize the program as you advance. Here, you experiment, you explore and you connect topics you previously covered in very different learning formats.

NEW LABS: You can now choose between the Start-up Lab and the Business Impact Lab based on your career objective: Do you want to create maximum impact within an existing company or do you want to start your own business? For each Lab, we want to offer you uniquely packaged and relevant content that you otherwise wouldn’t get in a traditional MBA course. As such, we are really trying to push the boundaries of the traditional MBA classroom and want to deliberately foster integrative thinking and experiential, challenge-based learning. The Start-up Lab will serve as an enabling catalyst for those who choose to continue with the Venture Lab. Alternatively, you can also opt for a Social Impact Lab by doing an Emzingo NexGen Fellowship.

PROFESSIONAL FITNESS: In the end, you need to be “professionally fit” when leaving the program and this requires, quite literally, going to the gym and practicing skills. This element runs throughout the core period and has two dimensions: Career Fitness and Behavioral Fitness. We need to do more to get you ready for the job market but we also help you focus more on your own behaviors in the workplace.

If there is one clear goal we always strive for, then it is to protect your investment and the value of your MBA. That’s why we keep innovating and seek disrupting the status quo. The result is truly “An MBA Out of the Ordinary”.

When in Madrid, be sure to pass by and see us in the new IMBA building on María de Molina 31 (6th and 7th floors)! Otherwise drop us an e-mail at

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