Pangea, the network for connecting talented young people all over the world

New technology gives us access to a huge volume of information, but the filtering process is increasingly complicated. Finding what one is looking for can sometimes seem like a huge achievement. Even young people, who by nature are technological, have to scramble to find job offers, courses or interesting events. Pangea was created in response to that need. It’s creator, Pablo González, describes the platform as “the first global network to incubate young talent.”

Pablo, who is 20 years old and a student of Business Administration at IE University, is well aware of what young people need nowadays. That is why, for the past year and a half, he has been directing a group of ten young people from all over the world who are bringing Pangea to life. Passionate and excited, they want to make it a world leader in connecting young talent all over the globe.

This young entrepreneur explains that Pangea is conceived “on the basis of the structure of an atom” with three principal nodes. The first step is to awaken the talent that every young person has and then nourish it through information, events, conferences… Once all that person’s capacities have burst forth, Pangea connects him or her with other users, projects and opportunities that are custom-made. How? Through the mobile application Pangea+ and, in the offline world, via Pangea Ecosystem.

Pangea+ is a free app that goes beyond simple networking or recruiting through social profiles. The way it works is simple: you create a personal profile and tell the community just what it is that you can contribute and what you’d like to do. Pablo says that in this way, “young person to young person”, it’s possible to locate like-minded people, of different backgrounds so they can work together on some common project that excites them. In addition, because the app knows your preferences, it will automatically offer you information about courses, scholarships and events that might interest you.

The user can also connect outside via Pangea Ecosystem, which issues calls to action and awakens talent through events and workshops. “Being young is not a limitation, but just the opposite,” says Pablo. That’s why Pangea Ecosystem’s activities are aimed at developing the potential of young people and offering them the necessary tools for getting into the work market without feeling that their age is a handicap.

2015 will be an important year for Pablo and his team, who will take on new challenges and will be expanding in Spain, Europe and Latin America. They began with The 2015 Starting Point, an event held in Madrid on January 28th, 29th and 30th. It was a real show of talent on the part of 15 recognized young entrepreneurs whose mission was to inspire the more than 200 people who followed it all over the world.

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