You provide crucial information to the brands

Gonzalo Brujó, Chairman for Latin America & Iberia of Interbrand

As digital technology invades all aspects of our lives, the ‘era of experience’ –when the consumer had more power and made decisions about his products, adapting them to his needs– has ended. In this new, ‘personalised era’, computing devices are almost everywhere and the change is practically unstoppable. A trivial example: the people in cafeterias or trains are not reading traditional printed books but using cell phones, tablets, kindles and portable devices; they take pictures of what they read, they tweet and send photos via Instagram of what they’re doing.

As was the case with printing in its day, digital technology is revolutionizing the way we live and how we process information. It affects production methods, improves traditional work processes and increases the demand for more devices that can do more things for us. And the key to getting those devices to do more is in the personal information that we provide: our preferences and habits and our data, which is the basis for the data mining and big data that is now so common.

Today users themselves are the ones providing the different brands with information that is extremely valuable to them –by means of the sensors on our devices as well as through the wearables that store our data. Everything from calorie-counting devices, heart rate monitors and personalized fitness apps, there are even apps that allow us to determine how much energy we are expending to make our lives easier. All this provides the different brands with more information about who we are, what we do, how we do it and how frequently: we are constantly connected to information channels. All these activities generate an immense amount of information, much of it just unimportant noise, about consumers and their habits. But if it’s analyzed correctly, it can provide very important insights about just who consumers are and what it is they really need and want.

From the way we manage our personal information and share a part of ourselves via the different social networks –to the growing personalized world of business that uses our shopping history and geolocation to find products, events and services– this data is creating added value that benefits us, the brands and the entire system, every second of every day.

The brands work hard to be the leaders in this era of personalization. By recognizing the person behind the information that has been offered, they can achieve real insight and create genuinely personalized experiences between the consumer and the brands.

As a result, we have no choice but to ensure that the future of business revolves around people.

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